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12:00a – 04:30a Night Light with Andrea
04:30a – 05:00a Grace to You John MacArthur
05:00a – 05:30a Family Life Today Dennis Rainey
05:30a – 10:00a Mornings with Tonya Stoutt-Brown Tonya Stoutt-Brown
10:00a – 02:00p Middays with Keith Pittman Keith Pittman
02:00p – 07:00p Afternoons with Jonathan Unthank Jonathan Unthank
07:00p – 07:30p A New Beginning Greg Laurie
07:30p – 08:00p In Touch Charles Stanley
08:00p – 08:30p Living on the Edge Chip Ingram
08:30p – 09:00p Focus on the Family Jim Daly & John Fuller
09:00p – 09:30p The Connection Skip Heitzig
09:30 – 10:00p Abiding in Christ Jim Wood
10:00p – 12:00a Nightlight with Andrea


12:00a – 06:00a Encouraging Music  106.7 the Light
06:00a – 10:00a Encouraging Music with Jonathan Unthank Jonathan Unthank
10:00a – 02:00p Encouraging Music with Tricia Tricia
02:00p – 07:00p Encouraging Music with James Tarpley James Tarpley
07:00p – 12:00a Encouraging Music with Shelly Mitchell Shelly Mitchell


12:00a – 06:00a Encouraging Music  106.7 the Light
06:00a – 10:00a Encouraging Music with Jonathan Unthank Jonathan Unthank
10:00a – 10:30a Connections Dr. Mike Boyd
10:30a – 11:00a Living In The Light Anne Graham Lotz
11:00p – 3:00p Encouraging Music with Michelle Renew  Michelle Renew
03:00p – 06:00p Encouraging Music with Kevin VanBuren Kevin VanBuren
06:00p – 06:30p The Encouraging Word Dr. Don Wilton
06:30p – 07:00p Living In The Light Anne Graham Lotz
07:00p – 07:30p Let My People Think Ravi Zacharias
07:30p – 08:00p Your Move with Andy Stanley Andy Stanley
08:00p – 08:30p In Touch Weekend Charles Stanley
08:30p – 09:00p Forward in Faith Loran Livingston
09:00p – 09:30p The Alternative Tony Evans
09:30p – 10:00p Life Matters Dr. James Walker
10:00p – 12:00a Encouraging Music 106.7 the Light
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