Spring Impact Days

Spring Impact Days

Spring Impact Days

On March 28 and 29 we’ll be sharing amazing stories as part of our Spring Impact Days. Be sure to listen to Knoxville’s 106.7 the Light to hear inspirational stories about how this station is impacting lives for Christ!!


To share how God has used this radio station in YOUR life, click here. Let us know your story and we may contact you to use it on the air or on our sites! We want to hear from you!

Look at these stories!

“I’ve been a regular listener since my husband committed suicide in 1992. Without your station and God’s love & grace, I have little doubt that I’d be alive today. I’ve battled demons since that time and still am. People can say it’s a coincidence or whatever, but when I’m at my lowest, you guys play just the perfect song that makes me lift my eyes from my own problems and focus them on God. So thank you. In a huge way, you all have saved my life. I donate monthly…it’s not much..just $20/month, but I feel like you’re as much of a church to me as my own church. God bless you for all you do.” – Facebook Message

I want to share with you and thank you for being a part of our work place. My boss started listening to The Light as well as myself and other employees. We have been praying that God move in this place. We are a small daycare center and our kids are even singing praises to God. I am so honored that we are able to plant a seed of God in these little ones. It all really started when our boss started listening to your station and received new people surrounding her who carry the same love of God. THANK YOU FOR PLANTING A SEED AND HELPING BE A MESSENGER FOR GOD. – Roselyn

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